Monday, September 19, 2011

Thieves Crash Limo Bus into a Lake in Canada

SUV Limo Chicago reports: A $100,000 Limo Bus was stolen and crashed into a like in Canada.
Thieves stole the 20 passenger limo bus at night and and drove it off the cliff into Okanagan lake early Sunday Morning.
The Limo Bus was spotted in the shallow waters of Okanagan lake at 9:00 am. The limo bus was empty and  no passengers inside were found. No victims reported.

"The lack of a body shows it's pretty definite it went over the bank without anybody in it," said Brian Nightingale, a collision analyst for this accident. "Just putting it in drive and jumping out of the bus would be enough to put it over the edge."

All limo service Chicago Limo Buses has built in computer that is somewhat similar to a airplane black box. It is able to recreate the information that was before the airbags deploy. Mr Nightingale will analyze the date to see how fast the vehicle was moving before it hit the water. The computer will give a 20 seconds worth of information before the 5500 pounds vehicle hit the water.

Article by Chicago limousine W. Johnson.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Open Lane Dangers in Chicago

There are many dangers lurking in the busy streets of Chicago. If you would try naming them all, it would be a long list. One of the sneakiest traffic peril is the "open lane" phenomena. It occurs on the streets or highways at the lane merging areas. It is when one lane is completely packed, and the adjacent lane is somehow open. It's very tempting for Chicago limousine driver to switch to the open lane, however, is it worth it?
These open lanes are only temporary and they often trap the drivers that deside to switch the lanes. Drivers switch to the open lane, speed up and go. But if one car does it, the others start following. Sometimes drivers don't notice the other cars and it often results in major traffic accident.

At Elite Chicago limousine we only take the best limo service Chicago drivers, train and educate them. Our chauffeurs have long time driving experience and knowledge of Chicago streets and its dangerous spots. We assure your safety in our SUV limo Chicago and guarantee safe deliver to the destination. They are always avare of their surroundings and have a quick reaction time.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What's The Best Chicago Prom Limousine?

Proms are one of the most important events for high-schoolers. Hit your prom in style in one of the luxurious stretch SUV limo Chicago that are available in Chicago. Impress your friends and stand out!

Rented limousine will make your prom experience even better. You and your friends will be brought safely to the event and will have the best beginning to the party. But how to know which Chicago limousine is the best for you?

There are many different vehicles that are available for prom nights. The differ in color, size, interior elements, packages and model. To choose one is not easy. Determine how many people will be in your party, and what kind of service you need. If you have up to 16 passengers, we highly recommend our excursion SUV Stretch Limousine or a 10 passenger Lincoln Super Stretch Ultra Limousine.

Our limos are clean, well maintained and the drivers are highly trained and have deep knowledge of the Chicago area. All of our cars are insured, and drivers have the proper licenses and documents. Book early, save money and get the best limo service Chicago deals in town. Call Elite Chicago Limo today and save!