Monday, November 19, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Finally Settles a 3 Year Old Limo Service Dispute

Lindsay Lohan has one less legal issue to worry about, SUV limo Chicago reports.

Last Tuesday LiLo settled a Dispute with a limo company that she owed almost 100,000 dollars. Where comes the astounding amount? Well, the company charges 6,000 an hour. The actress used the limo service for several days,  however, did not pay the bill. Add the debt interest rates for 3 years and the sum reached $90,585.79.

Elite Transportation and Security Services rented a luxury Stretch Limousine along with security guards for the actress to go around her needs. The 6K/hour included the bodyguards and unlimited service. The service was completed in May 2009, however, Lindsay Lohan never used them again.

The case never reached the courtroom and the dispute was settled between the two parties anonymously. However, the press and paparazzi were not told exactly how much Lindsay Lohan payed the Elite Transportation limousine service company, but there are rumors she paid almost the full amount.

Here, at Chicago limousine we see only one moral of the story: do not delay to pay your bills!