Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chrysler 700C Debuts at the International Auto Show of 2012 in Detroit

Mini vans are believed to be all so well known boring family cars. It is a challenge to keep such a vehicle segment interesting. However, Chrysler surprised everybody with the release of the new Chrysler C700 mini van concept in the International Auto Show of 2012 in Detroit.

The story of the new Chrysler 700C is quite interesting: The car was not supposed to be in the auto Show at all. It was just a design experiment by the Chrysler team. However, the project came out as pretty appealing and Chrysler decided to put the car into the Detroit Show lights. The 700C was included to the stands less than 2 weeks before the opening. The creators are looking for the feedback from the Show goers. It the project becomes popular, they will consider producing the car further.

Currently the model does not have an engine or is purely design orientated. However, we fell for the leaf shaped windows and joined door handles. But why to shoe it to the public if its still not finishes? the Chrysler needs to know what you think about it. Plus, since the SUV limo Chicago industry is now in crisis since the Town Car has been overhauled, we all are looking for the alternatives for the future luxury car.

Will it be the new Chrysler 700C? Or the future luxury transportation still belongs to Lincoln? Let us know what you think and if you like the new concept or not.

Written by Limo Service Chicago. Stay tuned for more news!