Monday, September 19, 2011

Thieves Crash Limo Bus into a Lake in Canada

SUV Limo Chicago reports: A $100,000 Limo Bus was stolen and crashed into a like in Canada.
Thieves stole the 20 passenger limo bus at night and and drove it off the cliff into Okanagan lake early Sunday Morning.
The Limo Bus was spotted in the shallow waters of Okanagan lake at 9:00 am. The limo bus was empty and  no passengers inside were found. No victims reported.

"The lack of a body shows it's pretty definite it went over the bank without anybody in it," said Brian Nightingale, a collision analyst for this accident. "Just putting it in drive and jumping out of the bus would be enough to put it over the edge."

All limo service Chicago Limo Buses has built in computer that is somewhat similar to a airplane black box. It is able to recreate the information that was before the airbags deploy. Mr Nightingale will analyze the date to see how fast the vehicle was moving before it hit the water. The computer will give a 20 seconds worth of information before the 5500 pounds vehicle hit the water.

Article by Chicago limousine W. Johnson.